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What is Hawaii-Grown Cacao?

What is Hawaii-Grown Cacao?

Honoka’a Chocolate Co. references cacao as the raw and unrefined bean from the cacao tree prior to any processing or roasting. Once the cacao has been roasted, cracked, and winnowed, it takes the form of ‘nibs’ which are then used to make our unique Hawaiian chocolate.

Cacao origins are important for chocolate connoisseurs who value the terroir of the various growing regions around the globe. Hawaii-grown cacao is one of our key ingredients; however, the team at Honoka’a Chocolate Co. also procures cacao from around the world including the Americas and Asia.

For those looking for products featuring Hawaii-grown cacao, products such as our “Pure Hawaiian Cacao Bar 85%” are available online:

For those seeking chocolate made from cacao beans from other parts of the world, our online store offers bars featuring cacao from Honduras, Fiji, Vietnam and other locations. These can be found online:

Cacao is widely promoted as a superfood having many health benefits. Hawaii-grown cacao is no different. Those looking to enjoy the health benefits of cacao should consider chocolate bars that include less sugar and more cocoa (dark chocolate at 65% and above). Honoka’a Chocolate Co. is proud to offer a wide range of dark chocolate bars featuring both Hawaii-grown cacao and also cacao from around the globe. We are continually working to add new flavor profiles to our product lines. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check our product page regularly for updates and special limited edition chocolate bars.

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