Monthly 3 -bar Subscription


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    Join our monthly subscription service and have our chocolate delivered to your doorstep monthly - you don't even have to think about it!  This package is discounted 20% off the regular retail price of the bars.

    Our standard 3-bar subscription includes one of each of the following 2oz bars: 1) 85% Pure Hawaiian Cacao, 2) 70% Pure Hawaiian Cacao, and 3) a new Special Edition bar - different every month and these new flavors are only available to our subscribers.  In the past, we've offered a Rum infused bar, unique origin bars (Uganda, Haiti, and Costa Rica to name a few), and coming up soon, the Tequila Bar infused with premium Anejo tequila!

    Note:  when you select quantity at checkout, a quantity of 1 is for one box delivered indefinitely until you cancel the subscription.  We have a minimum 3 month subscription period.

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