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Hawaii Goat Milk Chocolate Bar

Hawaii Goat Milk Chocolate Bar

The very first milk chocolate bar crafted here at Honoka’a Chocolate Co. was carefully developed based on feedback and requests from our loyal customers. We chose to create a Goat Milk Chocolate Bar and began production in June of 2020.

 Why goat milk? There were several factors that impacted our decision to go this route:

  1. Goat milk products are much more tolerable for people who are lactose intolerant
  2. The use of goat milk adds a unique and tangy taste to the final chocolate bar product

 When crafting the chocolate, we’ve been careful to ensure the mixture is ‘just right’. We’ve found that our perfect mixture includes 55% cacao, but only 30% sugar. The rest of the mixture is pure goat milk with the end product not being any sweeter than our other 70% dark chocolate bars.

 Incredibly proud of our first milk chocolate bar, we entered it into the Northwest Chocolate Festival’s Chocolate Alliance Awards global competition ( We were very excited to learn that in November, our bar placed Silver in the Milk Chocolate category (amongst more than 400 total entries!).

 Separately, we entered our Goat Milk Chocolate Bar in the Americas Bean-to-Bar and Chocolatier competition and learned in March 2021 that we have won a Bronze award in the category of “Micro-Batch – Plain/Original Milk Chocolate Bars”. This included a competition amongst others from North, South and Central America and the Goats Milk Chocolate Bar is now qualified in the World Finals! We’re waiting for an announcement (many competitions have been delayed as a result of COVID-19) – track the awards on their official website located here:

Be sure to try our Goat Milk Chocolate Bar next time you’re here with us (or place an order – we deliver throughout the United States). We look forward to sharing the results of the World Finals very soon!

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