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Hawaiian Goat Milk Chocolate

Hawaiian Goat Milk Chocolate

Why Goat Milk Chocolate? We get asked that question a lot! The short answer is that it tastes amazing! The longer answer takes a bit more into account than that.

 Honokaʻa Chocolate Co. focuses primarily on dark chocolate using higher cacao percentages, generally 70% and above. For more information on cacao, what exactly it is and how we use it, check out our other article “What Is Cacao” here.

 We received many requests over the years to create a milk chocolate bar. We didn’t just want to make any milk chocolate bar though. We wanted to create something that would be just as unique as our many other signature chocolate bars. So, we put Chocolate Maker Mike, our resident chocolate expert, to work. It was ultimately decided that goat milk would be the perfect way to create a milk chocolate bar that still retained the taste and health benefits of our other artisan chocolate.

For starters, goat milk allows those who are lactose intolerant to enjoy a milk chocolate bar. Second, goat milk is generally healthier than other types of dairy milk. It offers various proteins and fats which are good for your overall nutrition while still maintaining plenty of calcium. Goat milk is naturally lower in cholesterol and is generally prescribed as safe, even for those with high blood pressure. By using goat milk in our first ever milk chocolate bar, we felt that more people would be able to enjoy the chocolate while also still enjoying health benefits generally not attributed to standard milk chocolate.

Our Pure Hawaiian Cacao Goat Milk Chocolate Bar integrates 55% of Hawaiʻi-grown cacao with 30% organic cane sugar and 15% organic goat milk. As our first and only milk chocolate bar to date, you can imagine our surprise when our goat milk chocolate bar started winning awards and became recognized both nationally and internationally!

In a single year, our Pure Hawaiian Cacao Goat Milk Chocolate Bar has won three awards! It started with the Chocolate Alliance Awards where it won a silver medal in what is one of the largest chocolate competitions in the United States. It proceeded to place bronze at the International Chocolate Awards Americas Bean-to-bar and Chocolatier Competition, which ultimately qualified it to enter the World Finals. And enter it did – The goat milk chocolate bar placed Silver at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals!

We’re proud to be able to offer this award-winning goat milk chocolate bar to you. As a company that focuses on pure cacao products, we could not be more proud of what our team has been able to do in developing this unique tasting bar. Offering a creamy and mellow flavor against the sharpness of the goat milk, this is one you have to try! Order it directly on our website here.

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