Barrel Aged and Infused Rum Bar


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    We're excited to release our new and frighteningly delicious Rum Bar in limited quantities!

    Chocolate Maker Mike has been working on a new product line that we call The Barrel Aged and Infused Chocolates.  We infuse roasted and winnowed nibs with spirits and age them in a white oak barrel for a significant period of time.  Then we let the nibs dry and finally, make delicious chocolate that has subtle notes of the infused spirit.  We have made batches with Rum, Tequila, and Scotch and have plans to do many more interesting flavors.  

    We're also offering this as a custom-order full barrel, which equates to about 60 bars.   You choose the infusion spirit, and we'll do a custom labeled bar with your name on it - perfect for gifts, corporate events, weddings, and more Email us on our contact page for more information.
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